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Corporate philosophy, management policies

Corporate philosophy

We, the Takenaka Wire Cloth Co., Ltd. are devoted to a main profession and offer the best product with originality quickly in all sincerity and prosper with an employee with a customer and social contribute widely.

Management policies

●Quick product offer
●Best quality, best product
●Appropriate price
・I am devoted to a viewpoint of the customer prosperity.
・I point to the best quality and am devoted to the best product structure.
・I do a creative work and always continue improved improvement.
・I appreciate that I do it humbly in all without being arrogant.
・With consciousness of the self-culture, I am devoted to individual nature improvement.
・In pursuit of profit, I am devoted to the making of base of the company development fair.
・I unite for harmony and try for harmony in the company.

Action guideline

I act based on common sense and conscience.

Action standard

Purpose to act

I improve human nature through work.
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