The future of people and nature to tie with Wire Cloth
We are companies contributing to society through Wire Cloth aiming at the realization of people and the town where nature lives together.
I established a homepage. I cope with reading with the smartphone!
It is "the industrial Wire Cloth synthesis manufacturer" which we are consistent until production, processing, shipment, and produces it. I manufacture various requests from all of you and will ship the whole country anywhere. If it is Wire Cloth, leave it to me to Takenaka Wire Cloth Co., Ltd.!
People good at the person who is confident of power, the person who is confident of speed, small work. It is the workplace which makes use of each special ability, and works. The person who can work on work with a motivation is welcome! I look forward to your application.
Representative message
 Representative from message (during preparations)
The staff interview
 Staff interview (during preparations)
Offer essential point
 Offer essential point (during preparations)
I will send the best product which there is not of technically all "deceptions" that I cultivated as a Wire Cloth manufacturer to all of you consistently since its formation. I catch a change and the customer needs of the market precisely and am always devoted to further technical improvement with a modest feeling.
Commercialization of various requests/Ships anywhere in Japan
Integrated manufacturing from materials to manufacturing, processing, and shipping
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