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Punching Wire Cloth (Punching metal)

The point about the use

On an introduction or an order, please contact me with the following point.
[1] Type of materials
[2] Board thickness
[3] Width
[4] Length
[5] Pore size
[6] Interval (pace)
[7] Shape (circle hole, corner hole, hishikou) of the hole
[8] The margin dimensions (dimensions of the neighborhood and hole open keoshinai part)
[9] The sequence of the hole is in a state (angle)
[10] Amount
[11] Deadline
[12] The delivery method
[13] [14] Please appoint either of the drawing direction.
●Shape of the hole
The shape of the hole of the Punching metal includes various things, but there is generally a thing as follows.
Circle hole
Corner hole
Hexagonal hole
Long circle hole
The long corner hole
Circle cross hole
Cross hole
Main use
Medicine drug equalization study use for the mining industry such as coal, sand, gravel for the agriculture such as grains, seed
・General structural steel board
・Cold-rolling steel sheet (SPCC-SD)
・Hot rolling steel sheet (SPHC-P)
・A zinc steel sheet (SGCC) (SGHC)
・The high tension steel sheet
・Stainless-steel plate (SUS)
・Aluminum steel sheet (ALP)
・Surface treatment steel sheet
・Color steel sheet
・Brass board (BSP)
・Copper sheet (CUP)
・Titanium board (TiP)
・Vinyl chloride board
※About other materials, I provide consultation.

Calculation method of the sequence and opening rate

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