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Greening Wire Cloth

The Greening Wire Cloth which plays gentleness and the harmony of the building
Wall surface tree planting to take in "the plant" which gives people an ease, and brings an effect of the city environment improvement in the building.
The Takenaka Wire Cloth suggests tree planting in various Wire Cloth to contribute to a natural building contributing to the making of society coexisting with green.

[ugly Tamagawa Takashimaya S C horse chestnut tree coat green E]

I performed all from a meeting to a design, mock-up production, production, shipment with people concerned.
  • A design: Kengo Kuma architecture city drawing office
  • Construction: Fujita Corporation
  • Photo courtesy: Kengo Kuma architecture city drawing office
  • Photograph: Daici Ano


[1] Horse chestnut tree coat model
[2] Examination with mock-up
[3] Planting inducement work safe confirmation
[4] Kengo Kuma, instructions scenery
[5] Working drawing making
[6] Meeting [in detail]
[7] Working drawing approval
[8] Examination for end product observer (person factory at the same level as techno)
[9] Welding Wire Cloth production (cut)
[10] Bending
[11] Welding processing
[12] Welding processing completion
[13] Finish
[14] Examination of processing
[15] All acid wash processing
[16] I distribute a load and pack it (Namikata second factory)
[17] Shipment
[18] The spot discharge work
[19] Installation work
[20] Planting inducement work
[21] Completion
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