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Company profile

Company profile

Company name
Takenaka Wire Cloth Co., Ltd.
Representative director Kenzo Takenaka
The establishment date
March 1, 1973
12,000,000 yen
Factory scale
■Headquarters factory
 Plottage /825m² factory area /610m²

■Person factory at the same level as techno
 Plottage /3,155m² factory area /1,782m² 

■Namikata second factory
 Plottage /2,176m² factory area /1,525m²

■Namikata material yard
 Plottage /1,259m²
The Iyo Bank, Ltd.
Mizuho Bank

The location

Head office

〒799-2201 Ko-281, Onishichokuo, Imabari-shi, Ehime
TEL 0898-53-2267 (main)
FAX 0898-53-6135

Person factory at the same level as techno

〒799-2109 Ko-738-13, Namikatachoyorou, Imabari-shi, Ehime (person at the same level as techno)
TEL 0898-41-4547
FAX 0898-41-4740

Namikata second factory

〒799-2109 Ko-471-1, Namikatachoyorou, Imabari-shi, Ehime

Namikata material yard

〒799-2109 Ko-440-1, Namikatachoyorou, Imabari-shi, Ehime


March, 1973
I found Takenaka Wire Cloth Co., Ltd.
I start production of the export Wire Cloth for chemical industry, the plane.
March, 1980
I switch it for domestic demand than export.
I start production of the crimp Wire Cloth at the same time.
March, 1983
I increase the capital to 6,000,000 yen with capital.
March, 1990
I increase the capital to 12,000,000 yen with capital.
October, 1994
I build the new factory in industrial park person in Namikatacho, Imabari-shi, Ehime at the same level as techno.
I introduce a large crimp machine at the same time.
Nittetsu Sumikin building materials basket frame production starts in a headquarters factory.
October, 2000
I introduce 6 axis large size welding robots into the headquarters factory.
August, 2002
Person factory enlargement total the second floor 1,000 at the same level as techno㎡ 
Production facility enlargement of the Wire Cloth for aggregate recycling plants.
The exact screen production facility reinforcement for the various vibration sieves machine.
December, 2004
All NC control automatic Wire Cloth weaving machine introduction.
January, 2005
Person factory site creation start at the same level as techno.
February, 2006
I acquire a material yard in Namikatachoyorou, Imabari-shi.
November, 2006
I acquire a warehouse in Namikatachoyorou, Imabari-shi.
October, 2007
I acquire Namikata second factory in Namikatachoyorou, Imabari-shi.
January, 2008
Next-generation bird-proof Wire Cloth "new sun color Bamboo screen"
Development and production start
September, 2010
Wire Cloth retainer member for "building and building Wire Cloth material" patent acquisition
September, 2010
"Crimp Wire Cloth Bamboo screen" trademark registration certification
May, 2013
It is 2008 certification acquisition ISO9001
December, 2013
I acquire Namikata second 2 warehouse in Namikatachoyorou, Imabari-shi
February, 2015
"2014 Shikoku industrial technique award innovation technology prize award for excellence" receiving a prize
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TEL. +81-898-41-4547
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